Since 2019, the MIT Press Reader has drawn on the MIT Press’s rich archive and family of authors to produce thought-provoking excerpts, interviews, and other original works written for a general audience. In a landscape marked by rampant misinformation, The Reader promises to deliver insightful and compelling articles across subjects that range from the cultural and the historical to the scientific and the technical.

We aim to illuminate the bold ideas and voices that make up the Press’s expansive catalog, to revisit overlooked passages, and to dive into the stories that inspired the books. Explore some of our most popular stories here.

The MIT Press Reader is a non-profit magazine and is completely free to enjoy. Our stories have been republished by publications including Smithsonian Magazine, Scientific American, The Daily Beast, Popular Science, Quartz, Slate, TED Ideas, Big Think, Time Magazine, and BBC Future. If you are a publisher interested in collaborating, or if you have other questions regarding The Reader, please contact Anar Badalov.

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